Switchable Solutions Inc. (SSI)

Fielding is founding partner of GreenCentre Canada and proud founding partner of Switchable Solutions Inc. (SSI). Through proprietary technology, SSI diverts polystyrene and extracts bitumenfrom the oil sands using an innovative Green organic solvent system that can be reversibly and repeatedly switched at nominal temperatures and pressures. This unprecedented solvent manipulation enables extraction of target substances, elimination of contaminants and recycling of components of SSI’s system without the use of energy intensive distillation.

SSI’s technology may also be applied to remediation of controversial oil sands tailing ponds, which are utilized to separate residual sand, water and bitumen post primary extraction. This secondary application has the potential to solve an environmental concern and also the potential to efficiently extract residual bitumen.

Ontario Environmental Leaders (OEL)

The Ontario Ministry of the Environment introduced a program recognizing and showcasing the dedicated environmental efforts of a broad range of Ontarians.  These businesses who are committed to improving the environment, promoting sustainability and reducing waste, by improving their processes and increasing their efficiencies.

Ontario Environment Industry Association (ONEIA)

Provides a place where a variety of companies, entrepreneurs and other organizations in the environment field can come together to work on common concerns, share information and explore business opportunities.

Refrigerant Management Canada (RMC)

The Canadian industry solution for refrigerant waste disposal.  It is an environmental care program championed by industry leaders that brings together contractors, wholesalers and collection service providers committed to the responsible disposal of surplus ozone depleting (ODS) refrigerants

Refrigerant Management Services of Georgia (RMS)

An authority in refrigerant management and a responsible steward to the environment. Answering the call of the Clean Air Act, which sought to preserve the air quality of the nation and the stratospheric ozone layer, RMS began developing safe refrigerant recovery practices, as well as reclaiming refrigerants for reuse.

Mississauga Board of Trade (MBOT)

Fielding continues to be a member of MBOT.  Ellen McGregor was a member of the Board of Directors for Mississauga Board of Trade since 2005. As Chair of the Board in 2009, in a challenging economic recessionary environment, Ellen led the organization through one of its most active and successful years, where MBOT hosted a record number of events, developed new services and programs to support business, heightened its policy advocacy efforts and leadership role in the community and launched a new re-branding of the organization.

Credit Valley Conservation (CVC)

For almost 15 years, Fielding has made support of the CVC as part of its commitment to environmental and community health protection   Ellen McGregor has been a long time member of the Credit Valley Conservation Foundation, the fundraising body for the CVC.  “Protection of the Credit Valley is a cause near and dear to the McGregor family as our ancestors were early settlers in Caledon and Port Credit said McGregor.  “As the first environmental company to establish operations in the watershed, we understand first hand the need to protect this important natural resource.  In 2009, Fielding received the

Friends of the Credit Conservation Award of Distinction, which is the highest honour awarded by the Credit Valley Conservation Authority.

Fielding continues its support by partnering with CVC and Evergreen by participating in their “Greening Corporate Grounds” initiative. Through this program, CVC is working with Fielding in the Credit Valley watershed to bring more green spaces back to the urban landscape; reduce or eliminate invasive species of plants and add plants that are native to our area; implement environmentally preferable practices in water management; and to promote these activities to get more business participation.

In keeping with our Vision, Fielding has shown leadership in the watershed by becoming an early adopter of this program. We have scheduled the planting in conjunction with the Social Hour to give all staff the opportunity to participate in these planting events and to do our part for long term environmental improvement.