Fielding commissions Drystill demo plant

  On May 31, 2014 the Fielding Drystill team successfully ran the world’s first pass-through distillation plant. Click here to see SAM in action.

Fielding first to apply Pass-through Distillation

Fielding is in the process of scoring another First-In-The-World distinction in applying Pass-through distillation to the processing of complex aqueous waste streams. Presently such streams are burned at great cost in incinerators as they are too heavily contaminated… Read More

Leadership Excellence Award

On November 14, 2012, Paul Haskins received the Leadership Excellence Award from CEO Global Network. The Leadership Excellence Award is presented to a CEO who has demonstrated a deep commitment to their own personal development and to their… Read More

Certificate of Recognition


Understanding the Objective of an LCA

I am finding a lot of emphasis on understanding the objective of an LCA and I’m beginning to understand why.  The template is simple but it can take you in some strange directions.  LCA’s are used to compare… Read More

An introduction to Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

As we begin a life cycle assessment (LCA) of our products, I find no shortage of available information on the subject.  Fielding, a medium sized company has integrated Sustainability into our culture mostly through internal initiatives and resources… Read More