Code of Conduct

Our culture is critical to our success. Powerfully, it influences the excellence of our staff and the excellence of our business. Comprised of our Beliefs, Commitments and Values, we hold each other accountable to honour our Code of Conduct.

We Believe – We Commit

  • We believe that everyone is responsible for the success of Fielding and that Fielding has a responsibility to help everyone succeed. We commit to having the right culture, policies, management systems, and training to honour this belief.
  • We believe in creating Responsible Profit derived from serving people and our planet. We commit to planning, doing and acting to honour this belief.
  • We believe that the trust customers extend to us is earned – one interaction at a time. We commit to providing quality products and services and to ensuring that employees are empowered to provide excellent customer service every day. We further commit to embrace the spirit of Win-Win to guide every negotiation and interaction.
  • We believe that Fielding should be seen by all stakeholders as a leading corporate citizen. We commit to provide the appropriate leadership, talent and contributions to serve our community. We further commit to welcome stakeholders and to communicate openly and transparently.
  • We believe that every accident and incident can be avoided. We commit to securing the right talent, training, equipment, communication and management systems needed to honour this belief.
  • We believe that Innovation is fundamental to our Sustainability. We commit to an annual investment of up to 10% of our revenues to honour this belief.
  • We believe that everyone should demonstrate pride of ownership in all we do. We commit to provide appropriate disciplines, systems, training and equipment needed to honour this belief.
  • We believe that we work smarter and safer when our physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs are met. We commit to provide fair policies and flexibility to help honour this belief .
  • We believe we grow through and with others. We commit to seek and nurture alliances and partnerships to accelerate growth, innovation and knowledge.
  • We believe that people should feel motivated and be rewarded for their contributions. We commit to provide a fair compensation program, recognition and rewards for exemplary performance and to a transparent profit distribution program.