Fielding Announces New CEO & Celebrates Change

Paul Haskins, CEO

Effective January 1, 2012, Fielding Chemical Technologies Inc. will welcome a new CEO. Ellen McGregor will pass the baton to Paul Haskins, current Executive Vice-President.

“Paul is a company star we have groomed for this position by providing education opportunities, mentorships and experiences,”

Says Ian McGregor, co-owner of Fielding.


“The succession is a well-planned and well deserved move. Paul has held senior leadership positions in operations and in administration. I am confident that Paul will continue to build on the legacy of the McGregor family to protect people and our planet through Cradle to Cradle® Care of molecules,” conveys Ellen.

Paul stated “I am honoured by this appointment and excited to lead Fielding. We have an excellent staff, highly skilled and dedicated to Fielding’s success. I believe Fielding is poised for growth. We are eager to embrace the opportunities and continue to provide excellent service to our customers.”

The change will allow Ellen to focus on her many governance roles including Chairing the Boards of Fielding and Sustainable Path Inc. and her directorships in GreenCentre Canada, Switchable Solutions Inc., Sheridan College and the Credit Valley Conservation Foundation.

Fielding is Canada’s leading producer of recycled chemicals and refrigerants serving markets around the world. Applying state of the art technologies, verified to ISO 9001 and 14001 standards and Responsible Distribution®, experienced in global procurement and logistics, Fielding manages molecules from Cradle to Cradle® and brings THE SCIENCE OF SUSTAINABILITY™ to your triple bottom line.