Fielding Chemical Technologies Receives Two Awards of Excellence

November 22, 2013, Mississauga, ON – Fielding Chemical Technologies Inc. (Fielding) announced that it has received two awards for business excellence. On November 21st, The Mississauga Board of Trade presented Fielding with its Award of Excellence for Corporate Social Responsibility. Simultaneously, the Toronto Region Board of Trade presented Fielding with its Award of Excellence for Sustainability.

The Corporate Social Responsibility award was received by Fielding’s Chair, Ellen McGregor, who remarked, “The award recognizes the efforts of all employees to enhance the triple bottom line, including People, Planet and then Profitability. It further recognizes the importance of the many collaborations and partnerships we foster to help make our city, our province and our country a better place in which to live, work, play and pray.” At the Mississauga awards ceremony, Fielding sponsored and presented the Sam McCallion Small Business Community Involvement Award to Ladner’s Clothiers. Fielding has sponsored several MBOT Awards of Excellence throughout the years.

The Sustainability Award was received by Fielding’s CEO, Mark Badger, who remarked that, “Every day Fielding employees wake up thinking about ways to enhance customers’ sustainability and profitability, which results in meaningful air, water and soil enhancements through Cradle to Cradle® care of chemicals.” Fielding’s proprietary chemical recycling initiatives enabled diversion of over 28 million Kg of Green House Gas last year, equating to the impact of planting approximately 1.6 million trees.

Fielding is a cleantech company. For nearly 60 years, Fielding has been serving the paint and coatings, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, aviation, printing and HVAC industries by giving new life to waste solvent, glycols and refrigerants. As an industry leader widely recognized for its environmental stewardship, Fielding delivers THE SCIENCE OF SUSTAINABILITY™ to help its customers enhance their profitability while protecting the environment.

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