Fielding first to apply Pass-through Distillation

Fielding is in the process of scoring another First-In-The-World distinction in applying Pass-through distillation to the processing of complex aqueous waste streams. Presently such streams are burned at great cost in incinerators as they are too heavily contaminated to be treated in bug ponds. Fielding hopes that Pass-through Distillation (see will remove much of the water, leaving a residue that can become auxiliary fuel for cement kilns. Conventional distillation will not work in this application. Commercially available methods are either too costly in terms of energy consumption, or too prone to fouling.

Working with Canadian technology provider Drystill (see ) and with funding assistance from IRAP, Fielding has already become the first chemical recycler in the world to undertake testing of a Pass-through distillation pilot plant. To learn more about the progress of this testing, refer to the R&D tab on this website.

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