Fielding’s New Sales Organization

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Paul Haskins  |  President & CEO

t: 905.281.4070


Paul Haskins, President and CEO, has assumed overall responsibility for Fielding’s sales. We are looking forward to working closely with this group and fulfilling our Vision.


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Jarratt Ure

t: 905.281.4632


Jarratt Ure joined Fielding’s as a Business Development Sales Representative. Jarrat brings years of experience in the waste business including having developed recycling programs dedicated to flexographic waste and other solvents.

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Kyle Imrie

c: 770.310.3323


Kyle Imrie, previously a sales agent in the United States, will devote his attention to developing our solvent markets.  Kyle has enjoyed great success finding new feedstock streams in the U.S. and bringing them to Fielding. Kyle’s new title is the Director, Global Solvent Sales.

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Katelyn Gorelle

t: 905.281.4631


Katelyn Gorelle will be rejoining the sales team as the Business Development Analyst. Katelyn will focus on bringing new products to Fielding.


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Faisal Saab

Faisal Saab

t: 905.281.4631


Faisal Saab has been promoted to Manager, Market Support. Faisal and his team will be responsible for building a department focused on Customer Service Excellence.


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