This was the year Jack McGregor made a commitment to the solvent recycling industry. The first program was with the Ford Motor Company. Fielding provided a system of recovering solvents being used in Ford’s paint process. Drums of waste solvents from the Oakville plant were recycled in a custom designed distillation system at Fielding.  The recycled solvents were then returned to Ford for reuse.  This early commitment to environmental responsibility grew to include paint manufacturers such as Pittsburgh Paint, Benjamin Moore and Lowe Brothers.  Soon after this, Fielding began recycling waste glycols and used refrigerants for companies like DuPont.

This success led to rapid growth in a wide variety of industries with companies large and small. Fielding invested in sophisticated analytical capabilities and manufacturing equipment and went on to create Canada’s earliest “green” product line including solvents and refrigerants.

The success and diversity of Fielding’s products and services grew as customers came to trust Fielding’s stringent quality control and depend on the cost benefits for their businesses.

The key to Fielding’s longevity has been the ability to recognize and adapt to changing needs and opportunities.