New Green Recycling Plant Promises a Cleaner Second Life for Plastics

Switchable Solutions Inc.’s green solvent spells gold for Ontario’s landfills
EMBARGOED until 2 pm, Monday, June 13, 2011

MISSISSAUGA, ON — Millions of kilos of used plastics, including foam cushion packaging and soiled food containers, may soon be a thing of the past in Ontario landfills, thanks to a new recycling company being launched today in Mississauga.

Switchable Solutions Inc. announced today that it is building its first plastics recycling plant in Mississauga, which will be capable of recycling approximately two million Kgs per year of post-consumer plastic materials. Switchable Solutions is a clean technology company that is promising to revolutionize plastics recycling in North America, as well as oil sands processing in Canada.

The new plant will be located at Fielding Chemical Technologies Inc., a founding partner of Switchable Solutions, and a leading Canadian greentech company.

Switchable Solutions’ proprietary technology involves a green solvent-based system developed at Queen’s University by Dr. Philip Jessop, one of the world’s leading green chemistry researchers.Its unique technology does not require energy-intensive distillation, which is typically required by conventional solvent systems. Offering an efficient, economical and environmentally friendly approach to plastic recycling and oil sands processing, Switchable Solutions has generated considerable buzz within industry – so much so that it has attracted the support of leading greentech players.

“Our company was launched in April, and already we have powerful slate of industry partners,” says Mark Badger, President and CEO of Switchable Solutions. “We’re currently in discussions with other potential strategic partners, which are capable of helping us accelerate our plans.”

“While the company’s inaugural focus is on plastics recycling, another initial target is oil sands processing, and interest from the oil patch is growing, as a result of our technology’s potential to increase recovery and enhance productivity in a very green way,” Mr. Badger adds.

“Industry can see the potential for this technology to have profound economic and environmental impacts.”

In addition to Fielding Chemical, founding partners of Switchable Solutions are NexCycle Plastics Canada Inc., GreenCentre Canada and Stewardship Ontario. The quartet of companies will assist SSI bringing its breakthrough green solvent technology to market.

“These partners provide us with a solid foundation of expertise to rapidly commercialize this technology, says Mr. Badger. “They have the resources and the expertise to help us grow.”
GreenCentre Canada extensively developed and tested the company’s technology over the past two years, which provided the company with strong momentum out of the gate, Mr. Badger notes. “The timely and strategic assistance of our partners puts us on track to quickly deliver significant economic and environmental benefits.”

Contact: Mark Badger, President and CEO, Switchable Solutions Inc.

P: 416.795. 3919


About Switchable Solutions:

Switchable Solutions Inc. specializes in the design and operation of customized green chemical process technologies. The company’s proprietary Switchable Hydrophilicity Solvent (SHS) system provides a greener and less expensive alternative to costly and environmentally damaging organic solvents.

About the founding partners: Fielding is an award winning Green Tech company and Canada’s leader in chemical and refrigerant recovery. Fielding provides Cradle to Cradle® Care of chemicals by using sophisticated separation technologies to produce high-quality, green products for domestic and global markets.

GreenCentre Canada, a national Centre of Excellence for Commercialization and Research, brings together academic researchers and industry partners in a common goal of developing clean, less energy-intensive alternatives to traditional chemical products and manufacturing processes.

NexCycle Plastics is a full-service recycled plastics compounder and distributor of polymers. It services a network of manufacturers across Canada and in the northeastern and midwestern United States.

Stewardship Ontario is a private, not-for-profit organization that develops, funds and operates Ontario’s highly successful recycling programs for printed paper and packaging (Blue Box) and household hazardous and special waste (Orange Drop).