Philosophy:  Fielding has been recycling chemicals for over 55 years.  We are experts at recycling solvents, recycling glycols or waste antifreeze and recycling refrigerants.  We are proud to operate Canada’s largest, most sophisticated programs in the field.  Our operating philosophies include the following:

Vision:  Our vision sees a world where people and industry live in harmony with the environment. Fielding plays a vital role in the sustainability of such a world by providing Cradle to Cradle® care of chemicals.

Mission: Fielding’s sustainable management practices create enriched lives for our staff and community, with a net positive environmental impact and financial success … people, planet, profit.

Values: Our success is underpinned by the values that we operate under including:

  • Family
  • Leadership
  • Customer Service
  • Responsible and Ethical behaviour
  • Team Work
  • Innovation

Code of Conduct: Our culture is critical to our success. Powerfully, it influences the excellence of our staff and the excellence of our business. Comprised of our Beliefs, Commitments and Values, we hold each other accountable to honour our Code of Conduct.