Fielding has been recycling chemicals for over 55 years, a remarkable fact predating any common knowledge of the term.  This highlights our unwavering belief that extracting all value from waste streams prior to their disposal or destruction is imperative to our sustainability.

Our commitment to the environment dictates that we leave this Planet a better place for the generations to come.  Some of the ways we contribute to the improvement of the environment include:

  • As members of the Ontario Environmental Leaders Program Fielding is successfully delivering on commitments to reduce the emissions and residues from our operations.
  • Our products are recycled offsetting the demand for non-renewable resources.
  • We have an active Green Procurement Program that ensures we make Sustainable choices for the inputs and supplies that we consume.
  • We are one of the first participating businesses to participate in the Credit Valley Conservation Authority Corporate Greening Program which has seen us naturalize our corporate grounds with planting of native species.
  • Our active Sustainability Committee is constantly educating our staff and bringing new ideas forward so we can all minimize our footprint at work and at home.

Download ESDM Executive Summary (v2)

Bring nature back to your office space

Bring nature back to your office space

Evergreen and Fielding staff at a team building planting event on their office grounds (Photo: Evergreen)

Evergreen and Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) are pleased to present, Greening Corporate Grounds (PDF, 2 MB), your guide to planning, implementing and maintaining an ecologically sustainable landscape on corporate properties.

This resource can be applied to diverse spaces including rentals, large and small company properties, storefronts, business improvement areas, institutions and places of worship. Coupled on-site services from both Evergreen and CVC—including consultations, workshops, team-building events and more, this manual can help your company realize its Corporate Social Responsibility goals, reduce costs and bring renewed life—and nature—to your property.

Greening Corporate Grounds is based on a four-year partnership program between Evergreen and Credit Valley Conservation. With funding for Evergreen from the Ontario Trillium Foundation Peel Region Chapter, the program focused on helping corporations, businesses, institutions and places of worship in Mississauga and Brampton take environmentally positive steps toward enhancing their landscapes.

Download your free copy of this guide from our website today. Hard copies can be purchased from Evergreen for $15, contact Kim Sellers at