Fielding is committed to meeting the proper standards and requirements, and it holds the appropriate credentials and officially on record as qualified company. Fielding continues demonstrating commitment to excellence and an interest in continuous improvement of abilities and all what is necessary to effectively optimize its productivity and output.

Separation Of Organic Chemicals

  • Safe processing of high and low boiling chemicals using fractionation and vacuum distillation
  • Advanced esterification practices to convert chemical by-product into recyclable products

Reclamation Of Refrigerant
Fielding has the most extensive and most accredited refrigerant reclamation business in Canada.

  • #1 Buy Back Program
  • Separation systems for high & low pressure and mixed refrigerants
  • National Wholesaler network

Research Services
Our dedicated experienced research team helps customers determine technical and economic viability pertinent to a chemical reuse idea.

Analytical Services
Our state of the art laboratory offers its analytical services for those who demand reliable and accurate results. Our fully equipped laboratory includes a gas chromatograph, mass spectrometer, COD, pH meter, inductively coupled plasma spectrophotometer and wet chemistry instrumentation