Solvents and Glycols

Fielding is Canada’s leading chemical recycler.    We are the largest and most accredited solvent recycler, recovering solvent waste from the automotive, coatings, printing, and pharmaceutical industries.  We are also Canada’s largest waste ethylene glycol and waste propylene glycol recyclers.  Waste glycols are collected from aviation deicing, waste automotive antifreeze and heat transfer fluid applications.  Fielding provides Customers with a cost effective method to strengthen their commitment to sustainability.

Recycled Solvents / Recycled Glycols

Product Use
Anasol™ 477 Lacquer Thinner/Gunwash solvent
Sustainusal™ TJIM High Active Thinner
Flexosolve™ Printing Press Cleaner
Recycled Ethylene Glycol General Purpose Antifreeze
Recycled Propylene Glycol Plumbing Antifreeze
Recycled Acetone Thinner and Cleaner Blends for Inks and Coatings
Recycled Toluene Thinner and Cleaner Blends for Coatings
Recycled Xylene Thinner and Cleaner Blends for Coatings
Recycled Isopropyl Alcohol Cleaner and Ink Thinner
Recycled Mineral Spirits Degreaser and Cleaner
Isobutanol Paint and Ink Solvent


Customizing Solutions is the key to Fielding’s success. Chemical and waste management needs vary from one customer to another and site to site. Fielding can design  a custom solution for you, including:

  • Custom Blending
  • Closed Loop Recycling (Tolling)
  • Custom Packaging
  • Esterification
  • Collaborative Research
  • Commercial Trials
  • Waste Manifest Exempt options for Ontario based customers


Through our global network of manufacturing partners, we provide a reliable source of chemicals that complement our repurposed products.