Understanding the Objective of an LCA

I am finding a lot of emphasis on understanding the objective of an LCA and I’m beginning to understand why.  The template is simple but it can take you in some strange directions.  LCA’s are used to compare the impact of alternative methods of achieving similar outcomes.  Understanding the objective allows focus on the pertinent portion of the life cycle.

I’ve chosen recycled ethylene glycol (EG), one of our bigger products, to start with.  The objectives that I’ve come up with include:

  • Compare the impact of recycled EG to virgin EG
  • Compare the impact of Fielding recycled EG to other recycled EG
  • Identify improvements in the life cycle (our process, our suppliers, and/or customers)
  • Provide credibility for our tagline: the Science of Sustainability®

This, I hope will help minimize the time we spend on things that are common to both sides of the comparison like extraction and refinement of resources.  That’s not to say extraction and refinement information is not relevant; it is, just in a relative sense.  I need to do some more thinking on this and will pick up this topic with my next entry.

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