Fielding compliments our core activities through a network of partners to provide full service sustainable solutions for all of your waste management needs.


Fielding operates a full service solvent and refrigerant lab with over 20 years expertise. Contract analytical services are available, including

  •      Moisture analysis  – Volumetric and Coulometric Karl Fischer
  •      Specific Gravity testing
  •      Solvent analysis – Gas Chromatography (GC)
  •      Metals analysis – Inductive Coupled Plasma (ICP)
  •      Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectroscopy identification
  •      PCB analysis – ECD – Gas Chromatography (GC-ECD)
  •      Flash Point -Tagged Closed Cup
  •      Refrigerant testing to AHRI-700 Specifications

Waste Management

Fielding sees a world where people and all the industrial advances, live in harmony with our environment by providing… Cradle to Cradle® Care of Chemicals. Through innovative and environmentally safe practices, chemicals can be given new life. Such practices are not imaginary…Fielding has been giving new life to waste chemicals since 1955. Founded on the principles of the Waste Management Hierarchy, we continue to build value throughout the life cycle of the chemical supply chain.

Wherever possible, residuals from our processes are blended to tight specifications to become either a product or a fuel.  In keeping with our vision, Fielding employs the best available technology to extract maximum value from waste solvents, glycols and refrigerants.

Waste Management expertise includes, prenote application, manifest preparation, HWIN registration and NPRI reporting.

Other Services

Contact us for information regarding other services available including:

 – Cylinder Recertification

 – Sustainable Path Inc.

Fielding launched Sustainable Path, a consulting company that enables SME’s to develop a sustainability framework to save them dollars and reduce their carbon footprint.